Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter is all about the cold!

Freezing cold here today in the Midwest!! Five degrees, lower with the wind chill! The dog refused to go out for most of the day until she literally couldn't wait any more.

The Christmas parade in town was tonight and honestly, that was the last thing I wanted to do. I am way past my peak of loving to bundle up and watch for Santa in freezing weather! However, when you raise kids during the second half of your life, you "suck it up, Nancy," paste a smile on your face and pretend it is the most exciting thing ever!

I was genuinely happy it was a short parade, though. Can't lie about that.

The kids were so excited to see Smurfs 2, so we rented that for tonight and they are curled up in the sofa bed watching it and eating popcorn. Of course I am eating popcorn, also. And I so don't need to be eating it. Sigh. It just seemed to fit.

I spent way too many hours out of the last three days reading Patricia Cornwell's latest book, "Dust." She is one of my favorite authors and this book does not disappoint. Her attention to detail both in her sentences and what she writes about is incredible. I won't give anything away except to say that she is one of the few authors who could make 24 hours last 500 pages. And fill everyone of those pages beautifully.

Had to buy a new battery for the car this week. The other one was only two and a half years old, but I was having to jump it to get it going when it became so cold. I cannot risk being out somewhere with the kids and have the car not start and I don't have a cell phone. Right before Christmas was lousy timing but there ya go. Have to have a reliable car.


  1. Yes you do need a reliable car ! :) It's cold here but not what I'd call bitterly cold. Jen, over at Muddy Boot Dreams has a post about all of the words for snow and cold and I commented that to me bitter cold is when you walk outside and your nose hairs shrivel up and freeze....That's the unbearable cold, there, ugh.

    Meanwhile we were supposed to have a 'wintry mix" meaning some sleet and such and instead we got a few inches of snow. The weather guys have not been right yet this year, lol!

    Take care my friend and enjoy that popcorn with the littles! :)
    Deb @ Homespun and Frugal Little Bunglow

    1. Well, today it has been snowing all day, I have shoveled the driveway twice! Such fun, but, hey, I probably burned off the popcorn!

  2. Hope you didn't freeze at the parade! It is fun to see young kids get so excited at this time of year.
    Mary Alice

    1. Hi, Mary Alice! Yes, they had a great time. All bundled up and watching for Santa!

      Thank you for visiting!

  3. Our local Christmas parade was cancelled because of an ice storm. Love that Mickey and Minnie Christmas decoration. Yep, this time of the year, those car batteries do not do well. Better safe than sorry. laurie

    1. I think ice storms are more dangerous than snow. Ice sneaks up on you but you can see snow coming.

      Mickey and Minnie have been a part of my Christmases for more years than I would like to count! They creak and groan a lot, but it wouldn't be Christmas without them!