Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The wonderful world of blogging

Brrrr! We are below zero and the wind chill makes it worse. My daughter had art class today and I had errands that had to be done. Not a fun day, that's for sure.

The kids are curled up on the pull out couch watching Batman. I don't know which version this one is but Arnold Schwarzenegger (I know I didn't spell that right) is in it so it must be old. Shame on him by the way. What an idiot. And he had such an amazing wife.

But I digress.

I was thinking today about the world of blogging and how it changes your life. And I never really thought it would. But it does. And maybe I notice it because I lead a quiet life, I'm not sure..

I am amazed at how connected I feel to people who are actually total strangers and yet I do.

I mean, most bloggers post several times a week so after a while you get to know a little about their lives and what they are interested in and their families and you find yourself wanting to open their post the minute you see the name of their blog in your email because you want to know if they're okay or what they did or what they found at the thrift store. Just little things, really.

You have to be in awe of a computer system that connects people from all over the world the same as if they lived next door. It is truly a miracle.

I an very, very new at this and still haven't decided what I really want my "platform" to be. I love decorating and projects, but do not have the time nor the talent to really make that a "thing." I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go along,

One thing I already know for sure. It has changed my life.

Just a burst of reality here. Said children who were curled up so nicely watching a movie are now fighting and threatening bodily harm and I think my furniture may suffer. Sigh.


  1. Hi Debbie Lynn,

    The said computer system must be connecting our thoughts, too, as I was thinking of devoting a post this very subject in my 100th post anniversary, which is my next one to be published!!!

    I couldn't agree with you more, on all accounts! I, too, lead a very quiet life, more since my daughter first moved to the capital for university and then last year, to Canada, as you know, and it's been very challenging, for a number of reasons. Blogging has been there for me, to relieve loneliness, but also as a means of communicating my creative side, which really is about writing, and connecting with people. I have met so many wonderful women, sensitive and kind hearted souls, who have been there for me, in more ways than one.

    Stay warm and hope your furniture was able to dodge the bullets!


    1. Hi, Poppy! I think it is just that connecting to another human being. Your life and mine seem similar in the sense of not a huge social part. The blogs and commenting are a way of connecting and I am growing to love all that.

      Loved your house tour! For some reason I didn't get the first part with the song words and pictures until today. Both of your posts came together. A lot of work went into that! Such pretty scenes for the song, where did you find them?

    2. Hi Debbie Lynn,

      Thanks for visiting, always nice when you drop by! I searched for hours, (I am anal about getting JUST the right image for a post!), in Google images. I melt at the sight of pretty paintings, and have found so many talented artists who appeal to my taste and nostalgic temperament.

  2. What a great post! Blogging has changed my life as well. I feel very inspired by my friends in this community. We hear them talking, we see what is going on in their lives via coloured photos, we share. You are doing a great job with your blog, you don't need a theme or platform.....just talk about anything and the rest will flow! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi, Diane! Thank you for the kind words! I do love it and will keep working at what I want to say!

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  4. I agree it is wonderful to be able to "meet" people all around the worl. I feel so blessed to have met so many different people over the year. It has opened my mind tremendously.

    1. Hi, Magali! Thank you for visiting! Yes, the international factor is so, so, so awesome!

  5. so true, and so much inspiration out in blogland. It's always fun to find people that like and are interested in the same things

    1. Hi Daniela! Oh, yes, so much inspiration! I have to really slow myself down I get so excited!

  6. It's a nice outlet, isn't it ? :) There's always someone writing something of interest...such a nice variety! :)

    1. Yep, I just hop around and always find something interesting.

      Thank you for visiting!