Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Light Show

Don't know if any of you caught the show on ABC Monday night where families compete for the best Christmas light display and the winner gets $50,000.00.

I never watch reality shows, just don't, but this one came on directly after a Christmas cartoon the kids and I were watching so we were already in the mode.

This show was really moving and I ended up crying at the end which shocked me! The host went to four different families in different parts of the country to see their light display and judge it by how much thought and planning and spirit went into it and why it was so important to them to do this. Most of the stories were so heartwarming and the different reasons (always men, by the way) they decorate were told and everyone of them genuine and definitely coming from the heart.

The man who won was a retired firefighter who fought in 9/11 and you just knew when you saw how much work and how organized and how many different mediums of decorating he used he was going to win.

It so clearly meant so much to him to win, the tears just rolled down my face. If you get  a chance, they are doing another one next Monday and it really is very emotional and the displays are unbelievable! It was on at 9:00 central time, so hope that helps.

We are below zero again today and they are saying tonight will fall to fifteen below. Brrr. Even for us that is extreme this early in the season. Don't know if that's a sign of things to come or what, but it will be a long winter if this keeps up.

Tomorrow we go with my daughter's group to see "The Nutcracker" at a college about an hour away. After that, my son's Christmas concert, so, busy day!!!


  1. It is so funny that I am reading your post this morning. I just came back from driving my daughter to work and looked at the front of our house with all the Christmas decorations. It made me think of Candy Cane Lane which was a street of decorated houses in our town. About 10 years ago the people on the street up and said, "enough" with the extra light bills and the traffic for the month of December. I miss walking down Candy Cane Lane as part of the traditions of Christmas.

    1. Yes, I think a lot of people have cut back on that. It used to be when we drove through town this time of year it was nothing but lights. That seems to have changed over the years.

  2. As to the weather I do remember that awhile back the story was that the Farmer's Almanac was predicting a bitterly cold to precipitation many of us had more rain that usual this year and I think that's just going to continue only it will be snow versus rain.

    We'll see but it's hard to believe that it is not officially winter yet ! :)

    1. Well, I have to say, it sounds like they could be right. I don't know that we had more rain, but we have definitely not gone long without it. No summer droughts like we usually have. I don't know if my bones can handle months of this!!! LOL!

  3. It has been cold here and we had a 5 inch snow storm and a few more inches on the way tonight but a high of 60 predicted for Saturday so there will most likely be no snow left for Christmas!!
    I taped the show on ABC and will watch it when I get time....
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!


  4. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!